Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's new in Tonbridge?

Topics for discussion:

New Tonbridge History book. The Historical Soc have pulled off a blinder!

Candy Inc sweet shop opened next to McDonalds. Good thing?

Café in old Moss Bros clothing shop next to Chequers Inn about to open. Good for North end of town?

The Town Team are in the news a lot with their loyalty scheme and views about the developments in the town. But do they speak for us all?

Millets probably relocating to card shop premises on corner of arcade. Thought they were closing altogether which would've been a shame or maybe an opportunity for some entrepreneur, whichever way you look at it.

Roundel Poetry night at Rose and Crown sells out again which says a lot about the power of poems. Or does it?

I've got a new bike and have discovered places around and about that I never knew existed....

Like I said. Discuss....

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tonbridge Through Ten Centuries frenzy!...

Okay, maybe frenzy is a bit of an exaggeration but the take up of this superb new history book on the town, Tonbridge Through Ten Centuries, has been quite amazing. To date my little bookshop has sold over 120 copies in just over a week which, in local book sales terms is like the new Apple i-pad air launch! Some people have been ordering 3 or 4 copies to give as family presents. The Tonbridge Historical Society has done a great job in compiling this comprehensive history of our town from the Anglo Saxons onwards, right through to post war and modern day. In fact my favourite chapter is the first one which goes even further back than that. Albeit in brief, it covers the previous ten thousand years. So I for one am looking forward to the sequel: Tonbridge Through Ten Millennia! Better start working on that one now guys! To buy a copy come to Mr. Books at 142 High Street or, if you're a long way from your spiritual Tonbridge home you can order one on the phone or online. It's only £9.50 which is massively under priced. It would still have been excellent value at £15 in my humble opinion....
Buy a copy at Mr. Books priced £9.50