Wednesday, September 28, 2016

14 Walks: Walk #3....

Apples are a regular feature throughout the walk. (We never scrumped any officer!)
There are some open stretches across windswept fields
The Tonbridge Civic Society very thoughtfully published a book called 14 Walks some years back. Not surprisingly, as the title suggests, there are indeed 14 walks in the booklet. I say booklet but actually it's more of a plastic wallet with loose sheets inside. Each sheet has a walk with description and a small map to guide you throughout. Every so often these instructions need updating and this was the task which myself and Mrs. Tonbridgeblog had agreed to do. The walks range from about one mile to 8 miles. We chose walk number 3 because we thought, since we're relatively young and fit, we could handle a 7-mile stroll without too much sweat! I must say though that this walk seemed more like a 10 miler although that could just be that either we're out of practice or, more likely, that we had to keep stopping to annotate the walk guide instructions. This walk starts at Hartlake Bridge, takes you on through the orchards of Hadlow Place Farm, on to Steers Places, Style Place and along the Medway and back to the start point. Essentially you are walking in a big loop around Hadlow Tower, which is never far from view. Anyways, enough of all this spiel, here's some pictures to give you a flavour of the walk.

Hadlow tower is nearly always in sight and a good landmark
PS. You can buy 14 Walks from Mr. Books and it's only three quid. £3 for all 14 walks, come on this is a bargain. Alternatively, you can download the app for free. (Yeah right!)

Lots of Oast houses making typical Kent scenes

This is Bourne Mill which looks idyllic on a sunny day

You'll see plenty of these around Hadlow stables especially

Back at the river. East Lock on the Medway

Under Hartlake Bridge and back to where we started the walk
Ideally take an OS map with you though. Especially when the new edition comes out with all our garbled new instructions!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Summer has gone but thanks for the tenner!...

Well, that's it then, summer is definitely over now. The Met Office declare it over at the end of August but that's just for admin purposes. I've always thought of the end of the summer season to be the middle of September on the 15th. There is no doubt though, apparently, that it is, by all measures, over after the equinox which was on the 22nd (or was it the 21st?) Either way that's it. All we have to look forward to now are ever darker evenings, cold weather, soup for lunch, porridge for breakfast, stews for dinner and an overall feeling of doom and gloom until next spring. No wonder Christmas is in the middle of it all or I doubt whether any of us could cope! On a brighter note someone has just donated £10 to Tonbridgeblog by clicking the Paypal button opposite. Either they've just won the jackpot on the lottery (in which case actually ten quid is a bit mean mate!) or they were at least mildly impressed with the content here. Now the rest of you don't go feeling pressurized/obliged to follow suit will you!! 

PS. I do promise to remember my camera one of these days so that I can post some quality photos from around the Tonbridge which, frankly, will be easier than trying think of words to write! I'm aware that I made this promise some time back but, then, the town is over a thousand years old, so it'll keep a few more days/weeks won't it....

Thursday, September 8, 2016

If only sunsets were like this in Tonbridge....

The view from my balcony on holiday in Cornwall

All go for Fuggles Beer Cafe....

Fuggles have the go ahead. By all accounts it is now public knowledge that they have been granted planning permission for what is currently Bonners furniture shop. But will they also have competition close by at Ye Olde Chequers Inn? According to the Landlord and Lady someone will be taking over from them in the not too distant future. If it's who the rumour mill is telling me it is then it'll be another great place to have in the town centre. I said that Tonbridge had great potential when I moved here. It's just that it's taken 27 years for others to realise it!