Friday, July 25, 2008

Black Witch Moth in Tonbridge?!..

I swear to you a bloody great big black moth floated past me and into my shop today as I was opening up. It had to be at least four inches across its wing span. Brief research leads me to think that it may be a Black Witch Moth which is often mistaken for a small bat, which was my first reaction. If it is then there is all sorts of mythology attached to this insect ranging from a bringer of death, to a loved one departed coming to say goodbye, through to a bringer of wealth. If I've got a choice I'll take the latter please! The thing is these particular winged creatures are native to Mexico and occasionally Texas, so what the hell is it doing in my shop in Tonbridge?! Anyway I hope to bring you some piccies later if I can spot the little blighter. It's here somewhere still, lurking behind an old tome, perhaps it's looking for its friends in Britiash Butterflies and Moths! The good news is that they are completely harmless to humans.

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terenceII said...

Just wanted to see if I could post in here. It's a lot of hassle, I have to say. That is, if it works, and I won't know that till I post it. Therefore, all this might be a complete waste of time.
That moth you're talking about: the black witch moth, isn't really black, but rather a sort of mottled brown in colour. Not only that, but it's huge! It would have been like a sparrow fluttering into your shop! I would suggest switching on a light in your shop, and if it doesn't cling to the bulb like a gothic lampshade, then it probably isn't a Black Witch Moth. More likely a butterfly.
It's more likely been done in by some spider lurking among the shelves by now, so I wouldn't worry too much.