Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anyone remember John Creig's shop?...

Thanks to the comment from Alandal who pointed out to me what I'd missed in the 1938 Kelly's Directory that 142 High Street, now Mr. Books of course, was a stationers called John Creig. In fact I've been told by some of my customers that Creigs was a bookshop and stationers right up to the late 1950s. After that I think it became Featherstone's, also a stationer. So you see I'm simply carrying on a tradition....


Alandal said...

Have found the following on

In 1971
F MAXWELL FEATHERSTONE A.L.C.M Teacher of music, 54 Long Meads, Rustall

And at Tonbridge

H S FEATHERSTONE (TONBRIDGE) LTD Office equipment and Machinery, Stationary,
Artists Materials and Picture Framing, 142 – 173 – 175 High Street,


GEOFFREY FEATHERSTONE living at 142 High Street.

Alandal said...

In 1901 Census there was a William Whimsett (born 1853 in Wychling) and wife at 142 High Street Tonbridge who was a proprietor of Dining Rooms (i.e. Coffee House). There was still a Chemist at 140 High Street - a Samuel Wardley (RG13; Piece: 757; Folio: 45; Page: 7.)

Irene maranto said...

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Alandal said...

Have found a picture of Featherstones on this BBC Website :