Friday, August 31, 2012

Olympic Banners a waste of time? (and Money)

It's been a wonderful summer of sport but did we really need all that bunting and those dirty great banners draped across Tonbridge High Street to tell us that?! Or am I just being a miserable sod for having a(nother) dig at the council who, no doubt, spared no expense in putting up these things. Afterall the Olympics hardly needed advertising did they? So what exactly was the point of the banners then??..

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Paul Bailey said...

It's called "Being seen to do your bit!", and no local authority wants to be accused of being non-supportive/non-patriotic/non-involved, etc.

I suspect that in the general scheme of things, the cost of these banners was negligible, but I take your point TB, we all knew the games were taking place this summer, and we didn't really need our local council to remind us of the fact!

ps. It certainly has been a wonderful summer of sport; will you be crowning it by taking part in the Tonbridge Half-Marathon?