Thursday, January 8, 2015


At Chessington World of Adventures?!
A novel way of reading your favourite book!
Slade Primary School have sent me a few pictures from their "Unusual Places to Read" Competition so I thought that I would share a few with readers of TonbridgeBlog if there are any of you still out there. Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Touch of writers block perhaps?! (No, never, just been v busy what with Christmas and all.)
Watch out for these and lots more pics of children reading in unusual places in next month's issue of Tonbridge Town Crier

Anyone for a marmalade sandwich?!


Paul Bailey said...

Nothing to do with Tonbridge, but I thought an old “journo” like you would have had something to say about the recent appalling events in Paris. “Freedom of the press” and all that?

Actually, the threat posed by Islamic extremism has got everything to do with Tonbridge!

Tonbridge blogger said...

PB Have you gone mad? This is TonbridgeBlog not a satirical magazine or a national newspaper. I've tried to steer well clear of religion and politics right from the start. What you seem to be asking me is: "In the name of freedom of the press would I like my bookshop firebombed?!" And there of course lies the dilemma....

Paul Bailey said...

It’s unlikely that these fanatics would want to attack your shop, TB, but I respect your decision to steer clear of religion and politics.

However, I do recall the odd post of yours in the past with more than a slight political slant – including one about the prospective Conservative Party candidate for this constituency!