Saturday, February 14, 2015

Copy Magna Carta shows up in Maidstone....

Ever since starting in the book trade over ten years ago I've dreamt of someone bringing in either a first folio of Shakespeare's Works or a copy of the Magna Carta. The dream is kept alive from time to time when I read about important works being unearthed in cupboards or in someone's attic. Only last week Maidstone county archives unearthed a copy of the 1300 edition of Magna Carta, belonging to Sandwich borough council, which was long forgotten, buried deep in a scrap book along with some other ancient documents. It is incredible that these treasures are still out there and I wait in the hope that one will turn up for me to at least see in the flesh, if not own. Read about the find here

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Anonymous said...

What kind of organisation can have a 10 millions pounds document sitting on one of their shelves for years and not know about it! That's KCC for you. I am sure TB if it was on one of your shelves you would have closed down an be long gone.

Good luck when the high street disruption takes place, the closure last year for a few weeks will give you some idea of the loss of footfall that awakes you and other traders. Looks like you will keep the loading bay in front of your shop unlike many others, wait until the giant Macdonald's delivery lorry arrives in the two lane street.