Saturday, June 3, 2017


And now the news you've all been dreading.... Tonbridgeblog will be moving up north very shortly. By the end of July for good and in dribs and drabs in between. The blog may continue as Tonbridgeblog in exile or something like that. Maybe I'll start a Tonbridge Wicked Whispers Blog revealing all the secrets many customers have told me over the years! Actually I'm probably not that cruel, or am I?!
The shop is almost sold but not quite, so we'll see what happens on that front over the next few weeks. It's been nice knowing some of you and it's always good to get comments however harsh and cutting some of them can be. I hope life treats you well and I'm sure some of you will be joining me up north before too long. Especially after the Corbyn revolution as none of you will be able afford to live in the south east when you're paying 90% income tax! Au revoir...


Paul Bailey said...

You’re a bit of a dark horse TB, not giving much away as to whether it’s the business which has been sold, or just the lease on the premises. You are also surely kidding yourself if you really think we’ve been dreading the news of you imminent departure.

Nothing personal of course, but apart from the odd photo, Tonbridge Blog has been pretty much moribund since the start of the year. Btw, I nearly called into your book emporium yesterday, but ran out of time. I could then have questioned you personally about the shop’s future, and your own plans oop north.

Despite your remark about some of us joining you in the frozen north, I certainly won’t be one of them. All those Brexit-voting northern towns can wallow in their own demise, once the EU hand-outs dry up, and it kind of serves them right. Be careful what you wish for, as they say!

As for Corbyn, I would have thought he would be right up the street of an old Mirror hack like yourself. Returning to my opening remark, old Jezza’s a bit of a dark horse himself, and he may yet pull something out of the bag and give Theresa Maybe the kind of shock she so richly deserves. I was going to say she’s all style but no substance, but with her leather trousers and ghastly chain-like necklace, there’s not much style either.

On a serious note, good luck Mark, in whatever you turn your hand to in your new life. It has been nice knowing you these past fifteen years or so, and although you might find this hard to believe, coming from me, Tonbridge will definitely be the poorer without you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Your blog, although very sporadic is normally an entertaining read.

Are you going to relinquish the reins of Tonbridge Blog to a sucessor or will it be moving to Brexitland with you?

Anonymous said...

Just before you go you need to take off those rose tinted glasses and look at the level of child poverty in North East Lincs. Yes, years of posh Dave and his friends including mayhem May have done nothing to reduce it.
Use your vote wisely and hope you will not be taking any grand children you may have into this poor situation.

Anonymous said...

So May has just blown £150 millions on an election that has put the country into a mess. She could have given just £3 millions of that to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Hospital Trust who have been in special financial measures because of a small deficit. It the meantime they have been allowed to scrap all targets. And I could have had my operation under the 18 week target early in January. But no I have been kept waiting for another 5 months until this week. At least now I can get on with my life and have to say that all the staff at Maistone Hostpital have been excellent.
But many others are till waiting for treatment.

Anonymous said...

So perhaps a higher rate of income tax isn't such a bad idea, Mr Books? Then the richest would have to chip in a bit more to fund improvements in the NHS, social care and education.
The Conservative party has always been about helping the rich to get richer, while the poor can go to the wall. This election was a massive blow for our Prime Minister and serve her right!
I say, good luck to Jeremy Corbyn - let's hope the Labour party can stop bickering and get behind him, now.

Anonymous said...

So St Swithin's Day and you are off.
Hope it dosn't rain.