Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ten romantic things to do in Tonbridge....

(1) Go for a nice long walk through the Sportsground park hand in hand. (Unless it's flooded)
(2) Go white water rafting with your loved one on the Medway near the town lock
(3) Take your sweet heart for an intimate meal at Mama Mia's or another similarly nice restaurant. (Book well in advance)
(4) Don't go for a ruby murray as they're not very romantic!
(5) Stay at home and cook your valentine a special meal
(6) Drink pink champagne together
(7) Send the kids to the pictures with some money for the slot machines and some pop corn
(8) Walk along the river together beyond Canon Lane bridge; just you, your beloved and a few dog walkers for company
(9) er that's it
Any other suggestions?...


Stoatbeak said...

Get her a bottle of wine and say "dont wait up" and go down the pub.

petrolstationvillage said...

Other suggestions:

Could have booked a romantic movie but we haven't got a decent cinema in town..

Go back to places where you used to walk and hope that the woods and fields, with the cows, aren't now posh housing estates with dobermans or the A21.

petrolstationvillage said...

Yes, have a walk in the Sportsground.... before it becomes a posh housing estate! Who knows how long we have it.

Graham said...

Many of the Tonbridge locals seem to favour "a binge drinking session with the other half on a Friday or Saturday night, followed by shouting outside Whetherspoons".