Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tonbridge Civic Society: Seven quid well spent....

The Tonbridge Civic Society have published their 2009/10 programme of talks and visits alongside their latest newsletter. If you are a member you should by now have had one drop onto your doormat. If not you can always look on their website, although wait a few days as they don't seem to have updated it yet to include the programme. A temporary oversight I'm sure! TonbridgeBlog can tell you though that the first talk will be held in the usual venue of the Angel Centre Riverside Lounge at 7-30 (if you want coffee and a chat) for an 8pm start, Tuesday September 22nd, on the subject of West Kent College's new campus. Chris Hare, the college's Vice Principal, will be telling the society's members all about the progress of the new £85 million development and its likely contribution and impact on Tonbridge. Non members are welcome at all their meetings so, if you've ever wondered about what those concerned, mainly older folk of Tonbridge Civic Society do, then this is your chance. You might even be moved enough to part with the 7 quid annual membership fee (steady on now this is a recession you know!)

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