Saturday, December 19, 2009

P' Off. Customers....

Granted yesterday's weather was a bit freak and caught a lot of commuters out and many people would have cancelled shopping trips and the like. But Sainsbury's and Beales managed to open all day, as did many of the shops along Tonbridge High Street all day, including Mr. Books. I closed at 5 so that I could do my usual Friday stop at the Post Office to post my internet sales off in time for Christmas. When I arrived there the lights were off and the doors were closed with a note on them saying "Due to staff shortages this branch has had to close at 3pm." This branch happens to be the main branch so what are they playing at?! The supermarkets can keep open whatever the weather but apparently out national mail service cannot. Come on Post Office sort your act out!

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Paul Bailey said...

A real disgrace, especially after the Post Office have closed virtually all the sub-branches in the town.
When I called in at the Angel Walk office, shortly before popping in to see you TB, they weren't exactly doing a roaring trade. This, rather than staff shortages, may have had something to do with their decision to close early!