Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Perfect Scrambled Eggs....

In an idol moment this morning I read this piece on the Guardian web site about how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs. The simplicity of this favourite breakfast dish didn't stop the writer calling on the expertise of a number of top Michelin Star and TV chefs. Perhaps surprisingly each of them had their own magic version of the meal. Even more suprisingly none of them used any milk, preferring instead to opt for creme fresh, cream or nothing at all. I was moved to send in my own recipe as this is one of the very few things that I pride myself on being able to get pretty much spot on every time. I thought I'd share my version with you.... 

      Scrambled Eggs a la Richardson      (Serves Two Adults and two hungry kids on a Sunday Morning)
9 (yes 9) free range large eggs (Two each and one for luck)
A glug of milk (as Jamie Oliver would put it!)
pinch of salt and pepper
knob of butter
tomato ketchup

Mix ingredients except butter into a bowl with a fork just enough for it to be mixed well together. (No whisking please.) Heat up a large frying pan (with enough room to really spread out the mixture on a highish heat; add a knob of butter and watch it start to bubble. As soon as it does add in your mixture from the bowl. Leave for a minute or so until it starts to solidify a little. Then turn over with a wooden spatula (not spoon) so you can lift it easily from the edges of the pan. At this point turn the heat down to about half way down and keep lifting the now fluffy eggs from the edges and bottom of the pan. Turn the heat down to low to control the speed at which it sets and keep lifting eggs off the pan. Meanwhile make your toast and and coffee and get your daughter to get off facebook to make your breakfast bar look pretty. Lashing of butter on toast and cut two slices for each plate, laying them at angles across each other to look nice but also to stop them going soggy on the plate. Season more if you really must and serve.

That's it. Simple isn't it but also simple to mess up.

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