Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ghostly Norman in Tonbridge Castle!...

Ghostly Norman or Creepy Tim?
It's not very often that Tonbridge Blog is lazy enough just to directly quote what a reader has sent in but I just couldn't resist this one from Tim Ton (who I guess is someone called Tim who lives in Tonbridge!) I love the comment about the ghostly face on the wall of Tonbridge Castle. Personally I think creeping around in the dark in Tonbridge has possibly sent Tim slightly off his rocker. Or maybe he has spotted something that the ghost whisperers couldn't. And yes I do happen to know that paranormal tests for orbs and other such phenomena have been carried out on at least one occasion within the depths of the Castle gatehouse over night. Don't think they discovered anything other than a few creepy shadows. (Perhaps it was Tim Ton crawling around!) Have a look at Tim's picture and see if you think this is evidence. This is what he said:

"In case you run out of things to say on your blog (yes well obviously I did run out!) I enclose a few photos I took of Tonbridge. I have a habit of creeping around town at night with my camera.
The picture called "Ghostly Norman" is a little spooky because if you look at my head..or the shadow of my head on the right of the picture, there appears to be a strangely "Normanesque" face peering out."


sebfox said...

He looks a bit like Pavaroti

sebfox said...

Actually I was a little intrigued by this picture, so I went up and had a look at the stone where the face is. It's not as sad as it sounds; we've got relatives staying, and I was in the castle grounds anyway so...Secretly I was hoping to find some chalk marks..or something like that. I think the picture has been photoshopped. It looks completely different to the one in that picture.