Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the local papers....

Thankfully there were no pictures of me running in the Tonbridge Half Marathon in the Courier's Four Page Special! Most of the pictures seemed to be of Dame Kelly, Gawd bless her, and the winning athletes, such as Councillor Maria Heslop. Now admittedly she did run the 13.1 miles in less than half my time but then again she's probably one of those people who've been training all her life and did cross country at school while I was doing long jump and hurdles and drinking beer. 400 hundred metres was my limit until about ten years ago and even now I feel like breaking into a slow walk whenever I run over about 3 miles. It's all to do with the make up of your muscle fibres apparently. (That's my excuse anyway!) The winners probably didn't even ache the next day! I bet I can still beat them over the 110 metres hurdles though!

The other thing that stuck out in the papers was the salary of Tim Haynes, Tonbridge School's Head Master which apparently is worth holding the front page for. At public schools they're still called, quite rightly, Headmaster instead of the more modern Head Teacher which doesn't sound nearly as disciplinarian and traditional to me, that alone ought to worth another 50k! His salary, which is on public record, is quoted as £210,000, which has risen from £160,000 in less than 3 years. My first reaction was: Blimey I wouldn't mind some of that! and secondly: So what! There are plenty of people with less responsibility, and probably far less talent, earning way more than that (right bankers!) I should imagine running a school of that size and importance is the oraganizational equivalent of being Chief Executive Officer of a fairly sizable company. It's not public money so can't they pay him what they see fit? In any case this is most likely the sort of salary that they would have to pay to get the person they want. That said is he really worth any more than a good grammar school Head or, for that matter the head of a comprehensive school with discipline problems? Waddaya think?


Anonymous said...

You have to feel sorry for him having to live free, on site and eating all those free school dinners and no doubt everything else he drinks and eats.

But the state headmaster scales go up to £112,000 with many earning £150,000 with bonuses and other special project payments.

Many schools are now academies and they can also pay what they like.

So give up the shop, and sign on with Hayesbrook academy who are one of the few schools that can give teacher training.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he works a lot harder than footballers who earn that kind of money in a matter of days!