Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tonbridge Arts Overdose!...

The unusually named but brilliant Sorrel Nation on vocals

A touch of glass!

Last week was, well and truely, a massive overdose of the arts in Tonbridge. I was closely involved in the whole festival; in my capacity of committee member I was involved in the planning of it over the last, well, year really. In my capacity as loud mouth I was involved in some of the events themselves such as the poetry evening and the literary day on the castle lawn. In my capacity of lover of the arts I went to see paintings, photography, drama, musical performances, pottery and craft demonstrations and much more. Like I said, I overdosed on the arts for a whole week and it was marvelous. Right up to the finale which was the Three Degrees playing K College. Yes that's right, you didn't miss hear me I said The Three Degrees, the actual ones, and not a tribute band, who were doing a rare UK performance at our very own K College theatre. Incredible I know! If you missed all this arts extravaganza I do feel slightly sorry for you, especially since much of it was free or at least cheap. Was it well enough publicized? Difficult one really. I thought it was, the rest of the committee thought it was. Were we all too close to it to really know the answer to that? Probably. Why have I started to ask myself questions and then give the answers? I can't say! But, having said all that, I'm sure we could have done more to promote the festival, it's just knowing where to stop and deciding what's reasonable. Certainly many people have said to me that they didn't know very much about it until it was upon them. That bit we have got to get right for next year's....

That old fashioned printing's hard work!

Great demo of wood turning at The Vision on Sunday at the castle

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Paul Bailey said...

Missed most of it, as have been away in Bavaria.

Hope the Festival met everyone's expectations.