Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anyone else get these letters or is it just me?!..

....and just by way of contrast a very polite young lady, a Miss Dennis, from Ghana in Africa has written to me asking for my help. I'm not sure how she knows me but maybe she just likes booksellers and bloggers or something. Maria Dennis doesn't sound much like an African name come to think of it but who knows. She wants to send me some money which has been locked up in her uncle's bank account I think. What should I do?!

Dearest Beloved!


My name is Miss.Maria Dennis, from Republic of Ghana in West Africa. I am 23 years old and i am the only child of my parents, I lost my parents in a road accident in the year 2004. My father was a successful business man before he died. He had a large estate which he willed all to me but my uncle have  confiscated everything and subjected me into an unbearable pains since the death of my parents.He forced me to live in his house,he treats me like a slave to worsen all my movements and life is being restricted and monitored all day.


But i am glad to discover that he could not trace one of my father's assets which is a consignment deposited in one of the leading security companies in our country. This very CONSIGNMENT contains

($6.800,000,00) My father's lawyer which was my fathers close friend was able to move this CONSIGNMENT to a Finance Company in our neighboring country Togo and have been waiting all this while for me to get to this age before he reviel the infomation to me.


I want to ask you if you are capable to help me on this by receiving this fund in your account and also investing it into any business that can benefit both of us.Long as you we remain honest till we meet to gather.


Also i will connect you to my father's lawyer who will stand on your behalf to facilitate this transaction. Immediately this fund is transferred into your account i will come over to meet with you in your country for the investment of the funds to any tangible business that can benefit both of us.


I look forward to your feedback.


Best regards

Miss.Maria Dennis
PS. In all seriousness, if you don't know it already, never respond to one of these emails. I have spoken to some who have fallen for it and it has cleaned out their bank accounts. Instead talk to me first or, if you have spare cash click on the Donate button to the right and give Tonbridge Blog however much or little you can afford!!

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stephen wood said...

Only in America
Over 100 Americans a year end up dead because of these letters.
They loose their money & decide to go & get it back.
Next thing their relatives get a ransom note, ransom or not the next thing is a death certificate.
It makes the guy who tries to borrow a fiver off you in the street with the promise of paying back double seem rather tame (happens in TW, not Tonbridge).