Friday, October 25, 2013

Tonbridge People Power....

Thanks for the masses of comments coming through about the new Angel Centre development it shows that, when there is something major happening in the town, people really do start to get involved. Whether it changes the outcome remains to be seen but a bit of people power often goes a long way....


Anonymous said...

I have received a bit of clarity over the proposed parking arrangements from the Sainsbury team. The figure they quote for the Angel development of 842 includes the park where the Farmers market is held will be incorporated with the main Angel car park but overall there will be about the same number of spaces across the Bradford St, Angel and Sovereign way car parks.

I still wonder where the patrons of the cinema during peak shopping hours and the additional shoppers that the development is supposed to pull in will park? and will the Farmers Market have to find a new home. The pathway dividing the Farmers Market car park and the Angel car park is also a public right of way.

email extract:
"Thank you for your email.

There are 580 parking spaces in front and behind the Sainsbury’s store at present. The proposals would increase this to 842 parking spaces. However, in order to redevelop the site, improve the Sovereign Way roundabout and relocate the petrol station, we would absorb some of the Sovereign Way car parks.

The Sovereign Way Mid car park would form part of the new car park, Sovereign Way North car park would be reduced to 33 spaces to make way for the petrol station but the Sovereign Way East car park would be increased by an additional 24 spaces.

Therefore, overall the parking numbers stay roughly the same. Some of the Sovereign Way car parks are currently underutilised and by relocating these spaces closer to our development and the High Street, we would be better able to meet shoppers’ needs."

John said...

If it's any help, I've just started a new Tonbridge community forum, as my daughter has recently moved into the area.
It's at
It needs members, could become a great place to interact.
regards, John P

John said...
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John said...
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