Friday, October 25, 2013

We pay our taxes: Amazon vs

This is my comment to the boss of Amazon who reckons that they are a benefit to the UK and that they do pay their taxes. Read the article here:

"I didn't hear any mention of the way his company has virtually destroyed the traditional bookshops in the UK and other countries. I didn't hear anything about how they have used tax advantages to undercut prices in order to create a virtual monopoly market for themselves. Use as a very competitive online bookseller. They are the initiative of Gardners Books who are a family run, large wholesaler who supply most of the independent bookshops in the South. Every book, cd or dvd you buy from them is similarly discounted and provides a small commission to your nearest or favourite independent bookshop. Oh and I believe that they do pay fair taxes...."

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Paul Bailey said...

Well said, TB, I will look out for Hive.