Friday, March 28, 2014

A Pretty Penny Spent....

It's come to something when someone is willing to pay £120,000 for a couple of public loos hasn't it. £120k? Yes that's right. Now that's a pretty penny to spend isn't it! That's, apparently how much the toilets on the Ridgeway and Lambert's Yard went for at auction last week when the council sold them off. What are the developers going to do with them one wonders? Open a WC museum? Or maybe a laboratory (or should that be lavboratory?!) on new flushing mechanisms, or soft wipes? No, I suspect that the answer is somewhat less amusing. It's likely that the Lambert's Yard lav, next to the Scout Hut, will become a retail unit or office; and the Ridgeway bog, which I never knew existed, it's probably very fragrant and ex-directory being at the posh end of town, will be turned into a couple of small dwellings. The passing of the public loo, it seems to me, is a very sad trend indeed. Let's hope that the good visitors to our lovely town aren't caught short before they can get to the loos opposite the Railway Station, which is far enough from Lambert's Yard but, I fear, just unrealistically too far to grimace and hold it in all the way from the Ridgeway. Except of course I've just remembered the sanctuary of the latrines by the Castle. Now there's a relief! At auction? Now they would fetch a pretty penny!

Sorry but I just couldn't resist quoting that famous bit of graffiti which no self respecting public lavatory wall would be without:

Here I sit broken hearted
Paid a penny but only.... (that's enough of that, Ed.)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the one in Angel centre or just inside the swimming pool.

Tonbridge blogger said...

How very convenient!

Paul Bailey said...

Apart from the obvious answer of wanting to make a quick buck, do we know why the council decided to sell of these conveniences?

All joking aside, this appears to be part of a growing trend where councils are trying to cut cost by divesting themselves of any responsibility to provide public toilets.

I've recently returned from a visit to Berlin, and things seemed even worse over there; not much fun if you've a belly-full of beer and it's starting to work its way through your system!

No doubt our wonderful council will be up in arms when there's a spate of people finding alternative places to relieve themselves. However, we're all human and when you've gotta go then you've gotta go!