Thursday, March 6, 2014

The good old interweb....

Blimey I've been quiet on here of late but don't worry my twitter fingers have been quite active so, if you want to see what's up in Tonbridge you can always take a look there @tonbridgeblog is of course my handle. Is that right "handle" or is it name, or feed or something edgey and internetty perhaps like i-name or e-name?? Anyway have a butchers there.....

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Anonymous said...

Really interesting with snippets such as these

"And finally, Tonbridge toilets are up for auction...and it's not as potty as it sounds"

Are they closing all of the towns toilets?

"Interesting visit to the opening of the new Churchill retirement complex in Tonbridge this afternoon. Lovely think I will book mine now."

Its all very well for the Environment Agency allowing these blocks to be built on stilts with parking down below but who wants to be trapped for a few days when the floods come especially if you are elderly?