Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Carnival in flaming June....

Not very 1960s but timeless anyway!
Selfies are all the rage!
Well, I went along to the Tonbridge Carnival. It was a hot day and great fun by the looks of it for all those taking part. The theme was the 1960s and there were many great interpretations of The Beatles, Mods and Rockers, London buses, scooters, flower power you name it. Here are a few of the many pictures taken on the day....
Bang those base drums boys

Very colourful

Almost certainly an E-Type

The Tonbridge Nepalese Community are rocking at the Carnival

What Sixties themed Carnival would be complete without the iconic mini?

We are the Mods, we are the Mods....

Weren't buses red?

And who could forget the Twirlers!

Flower Power! and, Wow! she's way off the ground

Vegetable rights and peace man!


Anonymous said...

The buses may have been red where you lived in the 60's but in Tonbridge the M&D buses were green and cream, the Southdown buses that came from Brighton to Gravesend were a lighter green, the LT buses from Bromley were green and even would you believe it, the Greenline buses from Windsor to Tunbridge Wells were green.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. A bus is a bus when you are standing waiting for one. They are supposed to come along in twos any way, but Sundays one looked lonely all on its own.
Great show Lions ,thank you !

Anonymous said...

"Almost certainly an E-Type is definitely an MGA