Friday, September 19, 2014

Tonbridge not to become an independent country (for now at least)

TUDC coat of arms
The good of the people (of Tonbridge) is the supreme law...
So the people of Tonbridge and Kent have voted to stay a part of the UK. They must have figured out that the revenues from the couple of hundred visitors to the Castle and the few remaining apple orchards just wouldn't have been enough to sustain us for the next 300 hundred years. There was a cry of "Oh, let's just get the Yes vote and worry about the details later," but prudence and common sense seem to have won the day! For now at least....

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Paul Bailey said...

UDI might not have been a bad idea! I was told the other day that the wealth generated, and the taxes raised, in the South East (including London, that is), subsidise the rest of the UK. If this region was allowed to stand on its own, it would be virtually self-financing, with low rates of taxation.

Of course, it’s not going to happen, the crumbling and decaying cities of the north need our money to keep them afloat! Scotland too, receives a much greater per-capita payment than we do down here.

Time for the Men of Kent and the Kentish Men to take matters into their own hands?