Thursday, May 21, 2015

What not to wear at the school prom!

I just posted this about dress codes at school proms after having read this article in the Telegraph about a Canadian girl being given detention for wearing an "inappropriate" dress, which was full length but showed off her upper arms, back and shoulders (and tattoo.) As the school prom season is upon us in Tonbridge I thought that I'd share my comment. I'm sure it may provoke some similar and totally opposite views from some of you:

This is what I wrote:
"If the dress codes are anything like as stringent as they are at my daughter's school then surely going to the prom and other events is a chance to let rip. I do wish schools would butt out, to use a great Americanism, when it comes to what especially the over 16s can wear in or out of school. Someone's idea of "appropriate" is always wildly different from someone else's. So let the young adults, for that's what they are, decide for themselves. Teenagers have, and always will, want to shock us boring grown ups and long let it be so!..."

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Paul Bailey said...

They never had School Proms back in my day. We wouldn’t have known what they were, anyway. This looks like another unwelcome American import, along with Halloween, and gives the impression of being just another way for people to try and outdo each other. It’s obviously caught on though, as you mention the “school prom season”.