Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I was thinking of going to the farmers market last weekend but I couldn't be bothered. Thought I might try that new Bakehouse at 124 High St. it sells artisan bread and does nice coffee and tea so I'm told. But you know what I couldn't be bothered. Its the Slade School summer fete next Saturday I think. Might go along if I can be bothered. Might go to browse a bookshop or two one lunch time but it's alot of effort to be bothered. There's that play on at the Oast Theatre, been meaning to go out to see more live entertainment, have a few laughs. Can I be bothered though? Was going to write a letter to the local paper because it annoys me seeing all those Kent Highways department signs in the High Street, you know the ones where they keep congratulating themselves for laying down new tarmac on the roads, so basically doing their jobs then. Might not bother though as I don't want to make a fuss.

People of Tonbridge. BE BOVVERRED

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Paul Bailey said...

It looks like the good people of Tonbridge really can't be bovvered. Apathy rules!!