Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kentish Man????

The freebie magazine, The Tonbridge Insider, has a small piece in the current issue about the Men Of Kent/Kentish Men debate, borrowed from an earlie article by Frank Chapman of the Courier newspaper. First question is What about the women?! Then the next question is Why can't anyone actually tell me a defintitive answer to the age old puzzle? My son was born in Pembury Hospital, and at the time we lived in South Tonbridge. I think that makes him a Man of Kent, but I'm not sure. It's easy for me because I'm a Lincolnshire Yellow Belly and a Meggie, that is to say born in Cleethorpes, but that's not really relevant to this debate. There is of course a society called The Association of Kentish Men and Men of Kent which, if you're really that bothered and have plenty of spare time on your hands, you can join up and debate the issue till you're blue in the face. Their number, as mentioned in the article is 01732 833374, speak to R.G. Adams or by email on he probably lives in East Sussex!

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Anonymous said...

Men of Kent are born east of the Medway so why is the pub in East Street called the "Man of Kent"?