Friday, October 2, 2009

Business as usual in Tonbridge....

Not much going on really thus not many posts this week. Actually it's usually a good sign for my book business if I'm not posting on TBlog, it means I'm busy selling books, posting books to book collectors in far off lands or, in this mornings case, organising and distributing posters for the West Kent Book Fair (which, by the way, takes place on Sunday October 25th in the magnificent surroundings of Old Big school hall at Tonbridge School) and deciding which bargains to put in the new £2 section at Mr. Books shop. I didn't even make the Angel Flea Market this morning where I often like to go for a browse of the weird and wonderful array of treasures, junk and antiques, nor indeed did I make it along to the old lady market otherwise known as the Tonbridge Country Market for my usual Victoria sponge cake or almond and jam tarts. It's a busy old life sometimes but more often than not enjoyable and fulfilling. How about yours?... (that's a cue for lots of varied comments by the way!)

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