Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ten things to do in the half term holidays....

(1) Go to the West Kent Book Fair at Tonbridge School on Sunday (of course!)
(2) Take the kids to the park for a game of footy
(3) Go the the Odeon at North Farm (why oh why can't we have a cinema in Tonbridge?!)
(4) Go to Scotney Castle/ Bodium Castle/Sissinghurst before they all close for the winter.
(5) Do the Crowborough to Tonbridge stretch of the Wealdway (you'd be amazed how picturesque it is.)
(6) If that's too strenous for you try one of the Tonbridge Civic Society's 14 Walks (you can but these in my bookshop, price a mere £2.50.
(7) Throw a traditional jelly and ice cream/pass the parcel party at home (TonbridgeBlog predicts a comeback of this type of low cost party!)
(8) Have a family photo competition with the theme of Medway river life (honestly the kids'll love it and it gets them out doors away from their i-pods and computer games.)
(9) There's always boredom buster days at the Angel Centre if you're really stuck.
(10) er, that's it....


april said...

Or you could come and see Oklahoma! at the Royal Victoria Theatre in Southborough, performed by local amateur theatre group LAMPS. We'd love to see you there!

Paul Bailey said...

The roads were nice and quiet on the way to work this morning!