Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Volcanic Ash chaos over... now the legal battles commence....

This is a comment I just posted on the Guardian web site next to a blog on the subject of the end of the "volcanic ash crisis" (as it has been referred to in the media) The headline of the article suggests that, now the disruption is over, the finger of blame is starting to be pointed. I thought I'd share it with you. And yes I know it's got very little to do with Tonbridge but so what:

What is the problem with being stuck in some far off holiday paradise with all meals, accomodation and entertainment laid on and all paid for by those lovely insurance companies. Come off it why can't people just enjoy the moment and make the best of it; even turn it into an adventure. Have we all become so stuck up our own backsides that we can't see that no one is to blame for this other than Mother Nature. I wouldn't put it past the Americans to sue her but not us Brits, not quite yet! Can you imagine what would have happened if an airline had flown and then there had been a disaster. Who would be blaming who then?

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Anonymous said...

Well said TB. I recall being caught up in a massive delay at Malaga airport. Rather than hang around and mope round the airport like all the other half witted sheep like package holiday Brits abroad types, we got a bus into old town Malaga, where we had had a stunning time in all the old bars & restaurants bonding with the extremely friendly locals. Just like living in a real life Jamie Oliver programme it was.