Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best of Tonbridge....

While the dodgy, supposedly, summer weather continues to sweep in from a South-easterly direction over poor Tonbridge newspapers all over the land have very little to report on these traditionally slow, back end of the holidays, news days. In the style of some of these scraping-the-barrell-type stories Tonbridge Blog asks: What are the top five best things about our town? And the top 5 worse things? Best things might be The Park, the river, the castle, the shops (ok not the shops!) Worse things? That's easy: Traffic wardens (especially since they became Civil Enforcement Officers which really gets under the skin!) parking charges, parking restrictions (oh come on there must be something that doesn't involve parking!)


TonbridgeCommuter said...

I'll start...

Best things

The Castle and its grounds;
Conservation area at the north end of High Street with the 'old' buildings;
Tonbridge Sportsground and the River Medway;
Haysden Country Park; and
Good road and rail links to other parts of Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex.

The worst

Road congestion around the Station and High Street;
Lack of 'quality shops' leading to people spending in other towns;
Charity shops - too many;
General upkeep - litter around the town, concrete roundabouts, lampposts that need repainting, signs falling down etc.
Lack of a bus link to Knights Park (someone might tell me i'm wrong here!).

I still believe this town has great potential - it has fantastic open air facilities in the centre of the town, a castle and river, a busy railway station and a thriving high street (ok so we need some better shops!). The sustainable regeneration of the Sainsbury's/ Beales site, as well as the Sovereign House area must be taken forward, taking into account the town's existing facilities and traffic issues.

Anonymous said...

worst things about tonbridge

to many chavs
charity shops
pound shops espically the 99p store worst store ever!
civil enforcement officers
benifit scoungers (far to many!!!)

best things

tonbridge castle
tonbridge park
haysden/barden lakes
conservative town

Anonymous said...

No decent pubs. Very few quality places to eat. Terrible terrible station frontage.

Haysden would be good apart from road noise from A21 and dog shit everywhere.

Paul Bailey said...

The best things about Tonbridge are:
The Castle.
The Sportsground.
The River Medway.
Good road and rail links to other parts of the country, and also Gatwick Airport.
Tonbridge Schools - the town has some of the best, and most sort after, schools in the area.

The worst things are:
The lack of any really decent pubs.
The lack of any meaningful competition for Sainsbury's, who seem to have everything their own way.
Having to pay to park one's car (even at Sainsbury's!)
I could also mention some of the people, especially those who spend all day in Wetherspoons, courtesy of the taxpayer!

hallum said...

I've noticed them too. It is all rather sad.

-they have just returned from a fag break - he is on his second pint, she has a glass containing a third of a bottle of wine - ill fitting wigs, rheumy eyes, florid complexion -

Weatherspoons 9.45 am