Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Runners World comments on the THM....

....And still with the Tonbridge Half Marathon (is this becoming an obsession?!) there's quite a few comments going onto Runners World about the event which you can read here. The overall impression seems to be that the event was well managed, it was a hot day and the course was pretty hilly and therefore not condusive to getting a PB (that's personal best if you're not offay with runners speak!) There are however a few negative comments especially about the lack of water particularly for the back runners which I must admit I did suffer from at least at two of the water stations. The way I think of that is simple: I should have ran faster! Some people on the Runners World blog even have a moan about the sparse goody bag! Who the hell cares whether you get a mug saying "I made a difference!" or a souvenir plastic drinks bottle or indeed some Porshe car shaped fruity sweets. Surely the point is you did it, you survived it or you improved on your previous best time. That's what counts and you don't nee a T shirt to prove that, just the memory. I still say that this race was a brilliant inorgira, inhorigarl. inaugmentable, first attempt and I'll be putting on my race callendar every year from now until I'm at least in the over 70s category!

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