Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tonbridge Blog spat with Higgsworth continued....

Good to see that the Courier gave Tonbridge Blog the right to reply after their self-styled curmegeonly columnist, Higgsworth, had a dig at Tonbridge Blog after I'd taken a rather tame side swipe at his writing efforts. Okay I did refer to it as "pointless" but only in passing and with my tongue firmly in my cheek. So there really was no need for him to diss this blog by saying that I "hurled spite and bilge."  If I do it's always with good humour I'm sure you'll all agree. Anyway as I said in my letter to the KSC I actually intended no offence to Mr. H. as I do rather enjoy his weekly little rants. Here's the letter if you missed it:

Blogging can be a bit of a lonely experience at times. In fact often you don't always know who, if anyone, is reading it or, indeed, whether there's much point to it at all. So it's always nice to get feedback of any kind, this time, from the unlikely source of your Higgsworth column. A couple of weeks back I had a little side swipe at Mr. Higgsworth who had taken exception to my referring to his column as "pointless." It was only a light-hearted passing comment on my blog in a piece about my dislike for the way fireworks night has been stretched into weeks and weeks and I was actually referring to the curmudgeonly style I myself had adopted for this particular post which had made me sound a little like Higgsworth. It seems to have struck a bit of a raw nerve though with Mr. H. as he apears to have had a real go at Tonbridge Blog in his offering in the Courier last week, saying that TonbridgeBlog thrashes his keyboard to hurl "spite and bilge." Woah there Mr. H. no offence mate, calm down, because actually, in truth, I quite enjoy reading your weekly little rants and feel that there's probably a brighter personality just itching to get out of that self imposed curmudgeonly straight jacket! Let's meet up for a Christmas drink and I'll forgive you!



Anonymous said...

I'm with Higglesworth on this one

Anonymous said...

Yes, your attack on Streetwise was completely wrong. Looks like you are afraid of a bit of competition.
Nothing wrong with a bit of humour, even yourself you have been posting jokes.