Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tonbridge Poetry at the Arts Festival...

...and on the subject of poetry there is still time to enter the Tonbridge Arts Festival Poetry Competition. The results of which will be announced (and hopefully performed) at an evening of poetry at the Rose and Crown as part of the festival on Wednesday 20th June. You can enter online via the festival website. The poems have to have something to do with Tonbridge, however tenuous. A bit like this blog really! They don't even have to rhyme....

Oh Tonbridge,
That Wonderful Town
Where I like to walk up and down
The High Street
Where it's really neat.
And walking hurts my feet.
Where the river overflows
and sometimes you can see a rainbow
Maybe a pot of gold
Or so I'm told etc. etc.

(Nothing like this one hopefully!

1 comment:

Paul Bailey said...

"That wonderful town." Surely we're NOT talking about Tonbridge here are we?