Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's fitness....

If you are a swimmer and your New Year's resolution is to get fit TonbridgeBlog suggests that you take up running. It simply will be no excuse that Tonbridge Swimming Pool is likely to be closed for January and February, at the very least, by the looks of things. The pool's website suggests this by saying that direct debits for the fitness pool and spa have been frozen although actually the official line is "a number of weeks." It seems that those flood barriers around the pool, constructed at enormous expense after the last floods over a decade ago, weren't up to the job. As this is the first time that they've been properly tested that's pretty shoddy really when you think about it. It is our understanding here at TonbridgeBlog that a decision was taken by the borough council officials, when the swimming pool was being planned, to save money by NOT adequately protecting the pool against the possibility of flooding based on it being, statistically, a once in a hundred years possibility. Well guys at the council that was a big error of judgement as this flood makes it twice in 13 years! To give them the benefit of the doubt maybe the damage would have been a hell of a lot worse if the barriers weren't there this time. As it is it looks like we (the tax payer) will have to fork out for new equipment and a massive decontamination and clean up operation. Think I'll stick to running and canoeing!...
Read updates on the swimming pool's website and on This is Kent site


Anonymous said...

Well if TMBC got it wrong at the swimming pool take a look back at their design for the new multi million pound leisure center they plan for Bradford street. A flooded building waiting to happen if ever you saw one. But then the experts that also drew up the plans for the revamped Sainsburys site also have made the same design flaw. Apart from the Sainsburys store itself which is raised above the car parking.

Despite promising that planning permission would be applied for by the end of 2013 they now can revisit their designs with recent flooding knowledge.

TBMC have allowed a lot of development in the flood plain in recent times with accommodation above ground level car parking. Its all very well for the cars to get trashed but in the recent floods many people have been trapped for days in their new built flats down by the river.
What if they need food supplies or medical help?
Good example is the new Churchill retirement block in Bradford Street.

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