Friday, December 6, 2013

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday....

I'm sure that you all knew this already but just in case you didn't. TOMORROW IS SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. What does this mean? Well you can of course read more about it in a Guardian article here. But basically it is what it says. It encourages the public to go into their local town centres and buy from small retailers and other businesses. Naturally, they did it in America first where it has been successful for a couple of years already. Apparently that opposition shadow minister fella, Chuka Umunna, who's out to make a name for himself, was astute enough to bring it over the pond. TonbridgeBlog has always of course been a great supporter of all things local so is right behind this one. I just hope every independent shop (including mine of course) sees a huge surge in business tomorrow. I keep saying this I know, but it is perfectly possible to do ALL your Christmas shopping right here in your home town. Save petrol, save time and save your local community shops while you're at it....


Anonymous said...

You say its possible to do all your shopping in the Town for all your Christmas gifts. Dream on. Where can I buy an Xbox or even an Xbox game. Almost gone is Blockbusters and once Beales closes the range of goods on offer in Tonbridge will decline. Tonbridge children wont even be able to buy toys.
And if you believe the PR hype from TMBC that allowing Sainsburys to build a giant store will be good for retailing in the town think again. It will only be good for Sainsburys. Town shopping is in decline and 5 new medium size units will not reverse this trend. Online shopping is surging on with local pick up points now an added attraction for many. With smart phones and tablets ordering online has never been so convenient and easy.
Only those shopping centres with free parking stand any chance.
Yes, Tonbridge will gain a cinema but at the expense of giving up 2 car parks, one long stay, loosing a department store, stifling any chance of another supermarket such as Morrisons coming and the real possibility of High Street retailers deserting the High Street. No doubt that the expanded Sainsburys will include additional departments in direct competition to independents like a far bigger range of fresh food, possible chemist shop, books who knows. They have to get their money back somehow.

I cant imagine there is anything of architectural merit in the development.

Paul Bailey said...

I agree with Dave, despite what you say TB, it isn't possible to get all one's Christmas shopping in Tonbridge, so please stop bigging the place up.

Last Sunday I had to go over to Tunbridge Wells to buy presents such as DVD's and CD's; items that just aren't available in our "one horse town". I also bought a fine selection of bottled Belgian beers, from a newish independent off-licence called the Beer Seller (just along from Sankeys, close to the Common). Again, there is nowhere selling such items in Tonbridge; not since I sold my own shop, seven years ago, that is.

The loss of Beales will mean there will be very few places left to buy mens clothes, and as for electrical items, well forget it!

Sorry to sound so negative about our town, but much as some would think otherwise, Tonbridge really doesn't cut the mustard when it comes to shopping.

Anonymous said...

The enlarged Sainsburys when it arrives and I am sure there have the cash to make sure it will, will sell electrical goods and clothes but I cant see the well dressed of Tonbridge and especially teenage wearing their brand. Such large store will have to sell lots and lots to justify the investment made and a store the double the size of the existing one will be looking for double the income of the present one. There' only so much disposable income from Tonbridge folk and with all the free parking and competition with in 25 minutes of Tonbridge I cant see people from other towns coming here. The queeze will certainly be on ll the other retails in the town.