Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Old Fire Station....

Camera shy new owner Richard Collins
Anyone seen what's been happening at the Old Fire Station in Castle Street, Tonbridge? Watch out for pop up restaurants, shops, bars etc.In fact I'm toddling off to the press launch this very afternoon to find out more. What I'm really interested in of course though is the free food and champagne!!


Paul Bailey said...

Fuggles (the beer cafe people from Tunbridge Wells, in case you didn't know), ran several nights last week, as a "pop-up" at the Old Fire Station. I was away, in foreign parts, so was unable to get along, but from what I heard these evenings were highly successful, and are to be repeated, (possibly as early as this week, but check first). I also understand that Sankeys will be operating there for a while, along similar lines. (Again check the website first).

It's good to see this historic old building being used in this fashion, but how come no report yet from TB? Surely you are not still recovering from all that free food, champagne and hob-nobbling with the mayor!

Tonbridge blogger said...

I actually went on to have what's commonly known as a "lock in" later on that same evening and can't recall much past the fourth beer and malt chaser. How can I do a write up if I can't remember?! I do recall how lovely the Kernel beer was, although a deceptively wicked brew at 6.8% abv. (No doubt a mere light ale for you PB!) They did send me a photo of me holding up a bottle of whiskey in a blue bottle of all things, called The Classic Laddie. Beautiful stuff but I did suffer a little the next day! I've not been back since but will be going this week as I think Fuggles are doing Thurs to Sat again. As I enjoyed the oysters so much I've already booked for one of the Sankey's nights in December.