Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Slade Primary's new building....

Drawbridge to Main entrance!

Wearing the Slade badge with pride!
Anyone seen what's been going on at Slade School? The picture shows their magnificent new building which was a semi derelict old building right next door which the school bought so that they could expand and modernise. And what a great job they've done with it. Now they have state of the art classrooms for the Year 5 and Y6 boys and girls which they can be right proud of. Having had a tour round them, courtesy of Head Teacher Mrs. Vivienne Resch, I can tell you first hand that they quite superb. They just need someone famous, maybe even local and famous, to come and officially open it for them. Ideas anyone??
State of the art classrooms
A window on the world for the children?
(Photos by Izzy R)


Anonymous said...

What about Victoria Hislop? I think she went there!

Anonymous said...

Tonbridge sculptor Guy Portelli, lived here since the 70's, speaks well and looks like an artist!