Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's occuring in Tonbridge?

Well half the attic wall fell down onto the pavement to the side of Silvermans Jewellers on the corner of the High Street and Bank Street, near my bookshop. Lucky there was no one underneath, parking their bike or something! It caused a hell of a clatter and could have killed some one, or at least very seriously injured them. That was yesterday afternoon and I must say the Police and council repair men were very swiftly on the scene to clean up the large mess of wood, plaster and bricks which had rained down (narrowly missing my shop sign I might add!) and to ensure nobody walked underneath. So credit where it's due. Meanwhile I'm putting the finishing touches to the organising of the West Kent Book Fair which, if you didn't know already and you are interested enough to come and have a browse, is this Sunday from 10 till 4. There's quite a bit to do in telling the Tonbridge School porters where to put the tables, catering equipment, etc. Then there's the late cancellations and bookings from the book dealers to field. And you thought it just happened! The weather forecast, thankfully looks fine, even a bit sunny, which is good and also quite unusual as it has rained, snowed and rained on the day of the previous three fairs. Business in the shop is quiet at the moment, lunch time and another iffy day weather wise never helps. The high street is quiet and relatively traffic free ahead of the jams which will undoubtedly take place in about an hours time when all the schools kick out. Shortly followed by the office workers going home for their teas. What's occuring in your part of Tonbridge? Anyone out there?...

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Graeme said...

Have you heard the rumours about the main railway bridge may be subsiding ??

It's on Eye of Tonbridge
Probably nonsense ?