Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tonbridge is struck by election fever (not)....

To say that political parties' campaigning for the county council election around Tonbridge has been low key really is an understatement. All I can think that I've had through my letter box is a black and white cheaply produced four page leaflet from the Lib Dems. But at least they made a little bit of an effort. There's been no door stepping, no speeches, no loud speaker announcements from cars, no hand shaking in the streets. Nothing at all from the other parties. Is Tonbridge so sewn up by the Conservatives that no one even bothers any more? Someone just asked me if I'd already voted and I had to be honest and say that I'd forgotten all about the election. Terrible really I ought to go out right now or on my way home. Shall I? Oh maybe. Only if I can be bothered though. It's about 200 yards out of my way though so maybe not. I should really though....


Paul Bailey said...

I'm sorry to say my wife and I both gave the Polling Station a miss tonight. We've been put to shame by our 19 year old son, who has wandered down there, with a friend. Both will do their civic duty and cast their votes; I really ought to have done the same!

TonbridgeCommuter said...

Worth voting given the elected person will be the one (hopefully) sticking up for Tonbridge at County Hall or wherever they meet.

Anonymous said...

Well I was sent three cons leaflets, one thru the post and two hand delivered. But so much for localism, the last one was printed miles away and Tonbridge being a printing town. And the facts were wrong on the last one. It claimed that the Yougov poles for dec and jan showed lab and the cons neck and neck but this is not true. lab have been in front since 2nd dec and the latest one show a 7% lab lead. But this is completely irrelevent in Tonbridge.

Anonymous said...

Voting overs but I have just received a 4th conservative leaflet. Wake up the leaflet dropper. The Chichester printers must be making a mint.

Anonymous said...


BRIDGE, Liberal Democrat 561
DAWE, The Green Party 366
HOHLER, Conservative 3229
WILLIAMS,Labour 1216

Big drop in in all parties except labour.

2009 result
HORNE, Conservatives 4768
SMITH, Conservatives 4222
MUNRO, Liberal Democrat 1583
BRIDGE Liberal Democrat 1496
LONG, UK Independence Party 1278
SMITH UK Independence Party 1088
DAWE,Green Party 1032
PARISH, James Labour 944
DAWE, Green Party 846
SCOTT, Labour Party 760
CULLIFORD, English Democrats 475

TonbridgeCommuter said...

So just over 5,700 people voted. And how many people were eligible? What does that say? People couldn't be bothered? Forgot? Thought it was pointless? Thought their vote wouldn't make a difference?

Stephen said...

Was there an election on in Tonbridge? I received no leaflets and no poling card. Not that I am concerned. I wouldn't have voted anyway. If voting changed anything, you'd get 10 years in prison for casting a vote!