Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday Blues....

Unbelieveably I'm 51 years old today. I know some of you are thinking "How does he do it? Is he using harmony hair spray and Oil of Ulay?" Well, the answer is no I just sell books and enjoy my work. That's what keeps me so young looking! Every so often though, and I'm sure all people of a certain age have done the same, I look in a mirror or at my reflection in a shop window and it catches me unawares. You know what I'm talking about: that split second when you think "Who is that old fella staring at me?" Then of course you quickly realise that the old fella is in fact you!
I remember the days when I used to feel so excited about my birthday that I'd be bursting with joy for days if not weeks before. Then I grew up and, as the years passed by the birthdays became that bit less exciting and gradually quite depressing. So, I'm sorry to be such a kill joy but I'll just quietly get on with my day at the shop and hope that no one knows or makes a fuss if it's all the same. On the other hand I have blogged about it so now everyone knows that IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Nikolay Argirov said...
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Tim James said...

Congratulations on reaching such an incredibly old age!
You say it's a bit depressing, but age is something that's never particularly bothered me, and I'm 53. I certainly wouldn't want to be young these days. There's too much pressure, political correctness, paranoia and submissiveness to the powers that be to enjoy youth as it should be enjoyed.
My Mum was 90 last month, and she still has a glass of brandy (or two) every evening, plus three cigarettes a day....oh...and horror of horrors, a fry-up in the morning.