Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tonbridge Arts Festival update...

If you're of an artistic or literary disposition and have always thought that there should be more arts events going on in Tonbridge then now's your chance to get involved in something which could be an amazingly rich annual event in the town. If you don't wish to get involved make it a diary date for next October. Here is the press release from TMBC regarding the open meeting to be held a week on Monday at the Angel Centre:


Tonbridge Arts Festival

A public open meeting will be held on Monday 30 November at 5.30pm in the Riverside Suite at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge to discuss the Tonbridge Arts Festival.

The proposal to hold a week long Tonbridge Arts Festival in October 2010 came about following discussion between Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council with Tonbridge School, who wished to revive the school’s arts festival, and with West Kent College and Tonbridge Public Library, who wished to establish a Tonbridge Literary Festival. The Council has encouraged both parties to meet to see if, together, they could deliver one all-encompassing event for the good of the whole community.

Initial discussions took place between representatives from Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, West Kent College, Tonbridge School and Tonbridge Library earlier this year and in June there was a meeting of various arts organisations and community groups. Following this meeting, Hillview School for Girls, Performing Arts College, have confirmed their support for the event. The organisers are now inviting all interested parties, including residents, to attend the public meeting to update all members of the community on progress made to date.

For further details about the festival and its plans, please contact Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council’s Leisure Services department on 01732 876161 or e-mail

Objectives of the festival:

Deliver a week-long arts festival encompassing a wide variety of art forms.

Deliver performances by world-class artists and local amateur groups in different venues across Tonbridge.

To bring the joy of the arts to the people of Tonbridge and beyond

Implement a ticket price policy which encourages “fair access for all”

Include free events where possible.


Paul Bailey said...

Let us hope that the response from the public at large is better than the one so far to this post!!

Tonbridge blogger said...

I would never expect people to comment, although obviously it would be nice if others were interested in this event, which is close to my heart. I think that more people will once they know the scale of it and the future potential to put Tonbridge on the map, other than: "that town near Tunbridge Wells with a railway station. Oh and wasn't there a big robbery there not long ago? I think there a public school there as well?" You know the sort of thing!...

delia said...

This is interesting!!! As long it doesn't become a promotional affair for prospective Tonbridge School gains.

Tonbridge blogger said...

Delia: I'm pretty sure that it won't be as the school used to organise a festival which was supposed to be an event for the whole community. This one will involve not just Tonbridge School, but West Kent College, Hilllview, TOGS, Slade, and probably the other senior schools at least, and also community art and dance projects and many more. It's going to be quite something so watch this space and the local paper....