Thursday, November 26, 2009

More on the Tonbridge Arts Fest....

Here's a copy of Elaine Scutt's notice about the meeting this coming Monday. (Yes I know it's a bit lazy just copying and pasting, but it does save a great deal of time!) Go on get involved; you might even enjoy it!

Tonbridge Arts Festival 2010
A public, open meeting will be held on Monday 30th November at 5.30pm in the Riverside Suite at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge to discuss the Tonbridge Arts Festival. The proposal is to hold a week-long Arts Festival in October 2010 following discussions between West Kent College, Tonbridge Library, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and Tonbridge School, who all wished to establish a town-wide Festival. Hillview School for Girls have also confirmed their support for the event. The organisers are now inviting all interested parties, including residents, to attend the public meeting to update all members of the community on progress made to date. We intend that West Kent College will take a leading role in hosting events and in developing activities for students and the local community. If you have any ideas for the programme, or would like to participate and support the event in any way, please attend the meeting or contact Elaine Scutt to discuss further.


Anonymous said...

Tonbridge High Street

After reading the various comments about the High Street and what shoppers want I'm going air my views.

At the moment the town centre is a mix of independant shops, large corporate shops and mish mash of cafes and charity shops.

there seems to have been a real drive to pull more young people into the town, flats just round the corner from Mr Books, above Woolworths and other places, obviously using the fact of great links to London. All of which equals more people looking to spend hard earned pennies at the weekend.

Tonbridge seems to show signs of responding with a couple of shops, but more are needed. So we have the green grocers and a couple of coffee shops.

Where is the independent butchers to taylor for the foodies and compliment the green grocers. Also what about another coffee shop, however and independant one that does decent coffee and sells beans rather etc anyone remeber Coffee Call? As there are two coffee shops there seems to be a business case for and indie (fair comp etc).

How about a decent pub, something to get people staying in Tonbridge, surely someone can get an entry into the Good Pub guide, where people actually want to spend time?

Finally as for the teenagers around the playground, is anyone really surprised that they hang out there?
What is there for teenagers to do? Maybe the new basketball court will help, however I think not. Time will tell.

Rant over.

publicity said...

(Not to be posted on the blog please.)

Headway Tunbridge Wells & District are building up a mailing list that includes social clubs and societies. We have the Tunbridge Wells Arts Festival listed, but would like to include the Tonbridge Arts Festival in our list. Would you be able to give more details than just a person's name? Or put me in touch with them?

With grateful thanks,
Kathy Wallwork, Publicity Volunteer
Headway Tunbridge Wells & District