Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not a golliwog in sight at Allsorts....

Roll up roll up for the great Bartram bag sale. I actually went in to Allsorts for the first time ever on the day when the shop is about to close. Mr. B was there giving advice on handbags and purses. The vultures were circling as prices had been slashed for the last day from reasonable to absolutely unbelieveable; men and women of all ages jossled with each other lest they missed out on one of the bargain bags or ornamental ceramic bells. There were some trolley suitcases which caught my eye reduced from £65 down to £15; then I had to remind myself that I was only in there for TonbridgeBlog reasearch purposes! I just about managed to resist those leather wallets at £5.99, come to think of it I don't even think that was the final reduction price! I realised in that short space of time why Mr. Bartram has stayed in business all these years, he ain't no fool. He gives the people what they want; it may not be to everyone's tastes but he was certainly doing a roaring trade. And not a golliwog doll in sight!

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Anonymous said...

One shop closes, another opens - well its has opened as a NHS Dentist! Tonbridge has waited for this for a long time.
(Quarry Hill Road opp St Stephens church)