Thursday, January 7, 2010

Make a decision for tomorrow today....

This from Judd School web site today which highlights the problems which Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells students and their parents have been facing this week. The answer, as TonbridgeBlog said in a post yesterday, is to call it the night before based on weather forecasts and the best information possible at the time. No one can blame a Head Teacher for that, but they can blame them for confusion and lack of information. Whether or not global warming, somewhat paradoxically, is to blame for the big freezes we've been experiencing this year and last, is a separate issue for the scientists to debate, but this is one problem which can be put right. Frankly, having read the message from Judd which is copied below, I'm still confused:

"School Closed Thursday 7 Jan 2010

We are closed today, owing to the site being very icy, students should not attend.

Sincere Apologies
As you may well have gathered we had considerable difficulties with our website and also with Radio Kent this morning and we were not able to communicate the closure effectively to parents and students. To all those students, staff and parents who were unnecessarily inconvenienced by this I can only offer sincere apologies. The decision was taken at 7am this morning, but the traffic to our website was so heavy that we could not access it for editing until after 8am. The telephone number we have to use for Radio Kent was engaged for 50 minutes and they did not update until after 8am. Clearly this is not satisfactory.

Advance Notice for Friday 8 January 2010

We have to maintain a position of the school being open unless otherwise informed; however I would ask that students do not set out to school on Friday morning unless the school is confirmed as being open. We cannot close the school without an inspection on the ground, which generally needs to be made on the day, not the day before. We will endeavour to make the decision even earlier tomorrow (if not today) and communicate it through our website, BBC Radio Kent and also kmfm. Thank you for your patience."


delia said...

The Judd School advice is certainly very confusing - To go or not to go ... that is the question. The person who wrote the copy clearly needs to attend some english lessons. Maybe 'writing to inform' with the wonderful Miss Lynch is the one to slip into.

Anonymous said...

Is this really going on in our schools, why have we not been told and why is the media so silent?

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