Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Staff Training Post Office style....

Thought I'd call in at Tonbridge main Post Office this morning as I was walking by at around 9-15. When I got outside the doors at the back of Angel Walk I was amazed to see a huge queue snaking around almost onto the Sainsbury's carpark. Surely I was halucinating as the ever reliable PO is always open at 9am on the dot! No, no mistake, as apparently they now close for "Staff Training" between 9am and 9-30 on a Tuesday morning. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at their training meetings as they try to get the staff to sell unsuspecting old couples holiday insurance. Here's the scenario just after the refreshing sales training session:

PO Assistant: Hello and what would you like today?

Old Lady: I just want a couple of first class stamps love.

PO. Assistant: Are you going on holiday this year?

Old Lady: My son's family are taking me to France in June, I'm looking forward to it.

PO. Asst. Have you thought about travel insurance at all?

Old Lady: Ooh no I haven't love, Dereck (her son) always sorts that out for me.

PO. Asst: What about mobile phones?

Old Lady: I can't be bothered with them at my age love. My grand daughter tried to show me how to use them computers but she might as well have been talking Greek!

PO. Asst: (remembering about her trip to France) Come and see us about your Euros before you go.

Old Lady: Me what love?

PO. Asst: (Speaking up) Euros! For your holiday.

Old Lady: I'm not deaf you know love. Like I said Dereck's already sorted out the Franks and everything for the trip but thanks all the same. (Walks away.)

Old Lady: (Comes back in slight panic) Did I pick up me stamps?

PO. Assist: Oh sorry love I forgot, that'll be 82p please....


alesteir crowley said...

Who is Frank?

alesteir crowley said...

What are you on? Halve the dose!

Anonymous said...

You have missed out:-

PO Assistant: has it started to snow?

Old lady: Yes a bit.

PO Assistant: sorry, come back tomorrow, we are closing.

Paul Bailey said...

Nothing like concentrating on your core business, is there?