Friday, September 24, 2010

Bareface or Michael Portillo. That is the Question....

Two possibilities for entertainment tonight. On the one hand I'm on the guest list to see my favourite local band of the moment, Bareface, whose Clash inspired New Punky sounds have been rocking Bank Street and the North of Tonbridge High Street during their rehearsals of late. The gig is at Tunbridge Wells Forum, where I haven't been for about 15 years, days when I could still just about get away with being down with the kids. Then there's the much more sensible option of An Evening with Michael Portillo being held at Tonbridge School. (Where else?!) Being a big fan of the suprisingly entertaining BBC programme, This Week, this presents me with something of a dilema. Bareface? Should I stay or should I go? If I stay there might be trouble, if I go it could be double! Portillo, great speaker, great thinker, probably the best Prime Minister we never had in recent times. Hummmm. Barface. Portillo. Portillo. Barface. What do you reckon?...


hallum said...

I hope you went to see Portillo.

I can't believe the change in the man.
In 1995 he was jackbooting round the stage at the Tory conference stirring up xenophobia in the little-england audience.
Yet now in 2010, all over the telly (and particularly on radio4) he is an intellectual voice of reason and thoughtfulness.
Was it a was a road-to-damascus moment, or a bump on the head?

Anonymous said...

Neither is very appealing in comparison to the the Kent Freedom Movement

Chris Everard -- The Global Superstate Part 1/7

A presentation Chris Everard did for the Kent Freedom Movement. Recorded on September 14th, 2010 at The Prince Albert Pub in Gravesend, UK