Thursday, February 10, 2011

£3.95 for a small popcorn at the Odeon!!!!

A small Pepsi, small sweet popcorn, chocolate Aero Bubble Pouch. How much would you expect to pay for these three items?  three or four quid? Ok if I told you they were purchased at the Odeon cinema who, by the way, are fanatical about film, would you then think they'd add up to a bit more. Maybe five or six pounds. Try £9.50! That's what my unsuspecting teenage daughter paid out of her own saved up pocket money last Sunday. Sorry to sound like a right tight arse but, come off it guys, this is a complete rip off. The only thing you can do by way of protest is to just not buy anything there. Why can't they just charge reasonable prices instead of these absurdly outrageous ones? How would you like this if you were only getting a fiver a week:

Choc Aero Bubble Pouch £2.90
Small Pepsi £2.65
Small Sweet Popcorn £3.95
Total £9.50

Blimey imagine what the bill would've come to if she'd decided to go large! If they were doing any meal deals, as I know they used to, then they certainly weren't making it obvious. It's bordering on exploitation to rip off young kids who are still a bit wet behind the ears. If only the Odeon were fanatical about snacks as well then they might stop overcharging for them....


Paul Bailey said...

Sounds like a right rip-off to me. Presumably they don't allow you to bring your own snacks in?

TonbridgeCommuter said...

Take your own in - don't pay these ridiculous prices. It's the only way they'll learn.

Odeon have local ticket pricing and last time i checked the price at Tunbridge Wells was higher compared to Maidstone and Hastings

hallum said...

I haven't been to the Odeon for years. Even their ticket prices are too high. The place looks as if it's aimed at low-brow americans, or english people that take the family to bluewater on boxing day. (Instead of a good country walk)

We have booked to see 'The Kings Speech' at one of the Angel Centre screenings on the 22nd. Just down the road, cheap to get in, and even an interval to buy a realisticly priced ice-cream.

tonbridgeperson said...

Teach your kids NEVER to buy anything there - just the ticket to see the movie. If we don't buy - they won't make the huge profit they do.
They don't want you to take anything in but they can't stop you taking in a bottle of mineral water. I always take a few goodies in my handbang or pocket. Just do it discreetly and don't pay their ridiculous prices.
btw the ticket prices are too high however it is a comfortable experience with good vision and sound. It is worth the trip to see a movie there.

AirRaidPatrol said...

In reply to the person commenting about it being comfortable, you are obviously less than 5 foot 8 inches tall. There is absolutely no leg room for people taller than this.

I have not bought anything from the Odeon snack bit since I started earning my own money. Why not go for a drink in the Hop House before hand or a burger in the Bowlplex. Maybe even make a day/evening of it and go as a family to Frankie and Benny's.

I can't justify just going to the cinema these days.

Anonymous said...

Anyone tried to book tickets on the Odeon website? It is one of the most un-user-friendly sites I have ever come across!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:15 dont even attempt it! The sister company that takes the bookings, charges a card handling fee and its not the 20p that the transaction costs. Its one of those companies that Which has recently exposed for ripping off the public when booking tickers of various kinds online. The worse thing is when the charge is added at the latest possible time online and not up front.

AirRaidPatrol said...

I don't think I would ever bother booking cinema tickets, but then most of the films I go to see have less than 20 people watching them.

Take my advice and get there early, buy your tickets and then go to one of the other establishments on the estate for a bit.

Serina said...

Personally, I hate the Odeon. It has been the death of the cinema experiences for me and I hate that it is so hard to get to, particularly if you cannot drive.

The price for a ticket is RIDICULOUS and I do not try to line their pockets by paying for food there. Mainly because the popcorn is STALE (what ever happened to the fresh stuff) and buying any sort of food brings the price up to nearly the same amount as the ticket!

I only go if I am DESPERATE to see an epic/adventure movie on the big screen. Other than that...for the sake of a chic flick or a comedy...I can wait til the DVD comes out.

And they wonder why people turn to make me laugh when they put an advert showing cinema's being shut down....and experience lost....YEAH!! It WILL be lost! Because your too damn expensive!!!

The biggest problem with the Odeon is that it is a MONOPOLY!! We have no where else to go...except the Angel Centre...they made sure of that when they ran the ABC out of bussiness and brought it out to shut it down. Yeah, the ABC didn't have tierd seating which means if you got stuck behind someone tall you could at least see the screen...but it was CENTRAL to Tunbridge Wells high street and the prices were never over £5 if I remember correctly...

P.S....I always take a tupperwear of FRESH popcorn in a big bag. Every time.