Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does Tonbridge have talent?...

If previous years are anything to go by the answer is an emphatic YES! This Friday at Big School Tonbridge School the finalists of Tonbridge Has Talent, mostly from the schools in the town, will gather to perform a huge variety of singing, juggling, magic, ukeleleing, street dance, drumming, comedy, ventriloquism, you name it. About three hours of good old variety entertainment. For the third year running Yours Truly will be pretending to be Simon Cowell (or is it Amanda Holden!) for the evening putting my two penneth in and slating the young performers, er, I mean, giving constructive criticism and good advice! I'm pretty sure that the event is open to all, that is to say not just friends and family of the finalists, and you can probably pay on the door. So will it be XXX or three yeses?

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