Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A History of The Slade....

Jacquie Wyatt, who lives in The Slade, is putting together a history and would welcome all your contributions about the area. They could be eye witness accounts of events or incidents, they could be recollections and happy memories of general street life. Better still if you have documents or photos. What ever they are get in touch. For those of you who don't know it The Slade area of Tonbridge isn't just the street called The Slade. No, just to confuse people, the whole area from Tonbridge School running track to Bank Street and up to the Rugby Club is known as the Slade. It's even marked on the map from the year 1280 above. But what does it mean?? Answers on a postcard please (actually in comments will do!) It will be very interesting to see what everyone comes up with and I look forward to stocking the book exclusively in Mr. Books shop! I'd like to include the actual poster for Jacquie's request but have given up trying to get the right format. So here's the most essential bit: how to contact her:

Call Jacquie Wyatt on 01732 770457, email or you can drop written memories through the door at
13 Havelock Road


Tonbridge said...

The Slade means little boggy area, low lying i.e. dell, and that is maybe an indication of its inclusion on the map.
Tonbridge Daily

Jeremy said...

Shows the definition. It is from old English, and was probably a common word around the time the area was founded.