Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tonbridge Blogger Wars!...

I really am quite shocked and a little disurbed that a few of you seem to have taken the previous post seriously. I do actually know "that blonde lady" Suzannah, fairly well and hope that she sees the funny side of this. I'm 99.9% sure that she will otherwise I just wouldn't have posted it. If anything it was meant to mock myself and pretend that I'm jealous (playing on our insecurities!) But, if there's any doubt then I should set the record straight: I am not in the least bit sexist. Having four elder sisters wouldn't allow it; if I were I'd be mince meat by now! I'm not in the least bit jealous of the author of the Tonbridge Daily blog in fact I've known her quite a few years from poetry nights and as a customer in my shop and, hopefully by now, after many pleasant chats I would go as far to say that she is a friend. She writes a lovely column in the Courier and, unlike me, she does it on a voluntary basis whereas I got paid. Not much but I did get something. Her blog is nice as well and so different to mine so that, actually, they probably complement each other. This is not, some of you may be disappointed to hear, the start of Tonbridge Blogger Wars! There, is that apology enough? Can we all move on now?...


Fatbob said...

Good ho! Blimey, where did all THAT come from? Onwards n upwards

Paul Bailey said...

That seems to have done the trick, TB!

Anonymous said...

Mr Books. Going from one disaster to the next.

Last week... you launched a scathing, mocking and belittling public assault on the lady who writes the Tonbridge Daily blog. One can only assume, from your own words, that this stems from both your jealously that the Courier newspaper ran an article on her, and also your own personal self importance (quote) ‘why her and not me’.

Your attack was rude, vindictive, personal and some may even say sexist, as suggestions were made by yourself that her personal appearance and gender is the only reason The Courier featured her. In this time of political correctness this was a naive statement to make.

Have you thought how she must have felt after reading your unwarranted public outburst? Probably not!

You wrap up your rant with ‘PS… before anyone starts having a go this post was written with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek! No really it was. Well, okay, maybe not firmly....’

This is a highly transparent statement. This implicates a bully and a coward’s way out.

Now, realising that your rant was met with a hostile reception by readers you have decided to do some back-pedaling and crawling by posting a damage limitation by way of a half-hearted apology on your blog.

However, the apology doesn’t cancel out what has been written by you, as those initial words seemed full of intent and bitterness towards the Tonbridge Daily lady and probably The Courier too.

You have no shame.

A word of advice. Search the shelves of your secondhand bookshop and find a book or two that deals with the subjects of INTEGRITY, DIGNITY and HUMILITY. Look for a quiet corner, read and digest.

This could be the best advice given to you at the moment, as this one might not ‘move on’ as fast as you think.

Tonbridge blogger said...

Anon. So long as you move on that's all I ask!

Paul Bailey said...

Looks like I spoke too soon!

By the way anonymous, isn't it about time you dropped your vitriolic and rather personal attack on Mr Books? His original post might not have been the best piece of prose, but if you took the time to read between the lines then it's pretty obvious it WAS written very much tongue in cheek!

To accuse Tonbridge Blogger of bullying and cowardice whilst hiding behind a cloak of anonymity smacks of hypocrisy. You obviously haven't the bottle to publicly identify yourself, so why not follow TB's advice and move on?

As for so-called "political correctness" you know what you can do with that!