Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Death of Tonbridge?....

Rumours of the death of Tonbridge have been grossly exagerated. I've just been Up North, which I still call "home" even though I've lived Down South for as long. I went for a very lovely family Christening at my sisters house in an idylic little Lincolnshire village near the coast. I only spent two days there and came back late last night feeling tired but mentally refreshed. When I came off the M25 and onto the home straight (the A21) as I appproached Tonbridge I noticed a twinkling of lights in the distance. Yes sure enough Tonbridge was in fact still there, pretty much as I left it. There may be a few shops closing, but other retailers will soon enough be along with bright ideas, and unique selling propostions, and, full of hope, many will make a go of it. So let's all keep this credit crunch nonsense under control, stop worrying about whether or not Marks and Spencer have made 2% less profit this year and get back to using our own common sense. Let the City Boys make (or probably lose) their fast buck but's let's rise above all of that; we can because we're made or better stuff. We're alive and well, we are Tonbridgeians! (OK let's not get carried away....)

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